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Sup Kidd

You Fetch Enough?

Sup, We're Fetcher Than You
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com stfu_ana_owns is your MOD

_jenn_says_ is your other MOD
-Respect the MODs
-Respect fellow members
- This is a community for everyone, not only "Mean Girls" fans
-Actually, this has nothing to do with Mean Girls
- We're honest, but nice, lets keep it that way.
-No Promoting, unless you personally ask the MODs
-No racism, sexism, or any kind of discrimination!
-No bashing the community or a member
-Please and thank yous are welcomed and encouraged
-No sexually explicit post or pics
-All posts must be on FRIENDS ONLY
-YoU tYp3 lIkE TjhIs, we offcially hate you, and lost all respect for you.
-Me is kewl cuz' I cun tipe kewler then chu, typying also makes me hate you.
- LJ-CUTS are your friends, use them wisely.
-Apply within 48 hrs. of joining
-Put your app. under an lj-cut
-Write "im fetch, supp to you" as the lj-cut caption
-Put "EEK IM LIKE SO FETCH" as your subject, so we know you read the rules.
-If you are a rude, discriminative, selfish bitch, go away, we don't want you.
-If you can't accept critisism, don't even bother reading these.
-If your app. lacks something (picture, promoting links, opinions) it will be deleted, and you can try again. =D
- Don't reply to every single comment, its not rad
- Kay, finally, DO NOT POST YOUR APP IN RICH TEXT, don't be an idiot.

-Don't be scared to join, this isn't like all those other rating communties, we're fetcher.
-Keep active! We love to hear from you!
-Everyone of your action has a reward. (See point system below)
-You piss us off once, first strike, two times, second strike, three times, you're out.
-Sucking up gets you everywhere.
-Vote, vote, vote (+ & - = ♥)But always give a good reason why or why not.
- Got ideas? comment on the MOD's ElJays
- We ♥ you to infinity and beyond
1 POINTfor a normal comment on someone's post
1 POINTfor adding the MODS (each MOD is one point)
1 POINT for putting our banner in your profile (tell us if you do!)
2 POINTSfor any pic you post, either in a comment or post
5 POINTSfor promoting the community
5 POINTS for voting on an app.
5 POINTS for a normal post (text or pics)
5 POINTS for making a banner/icon for the community
10 POINTS if we use your banner, icon
10 POINTS for posting a weekly theme post
10 POINTS for giving us some feedback, and ideas
10 POINTS for inviting someone in the community, and they join
10 POINTS for making us a layout
20 POINTS if we use your layout
20 POINTS for completing the scavenger hunt
30 POINTS for applying to be member of the month
30 POINTS for making us a salute (your lj name @ supp_fetch_kids)
100 POINTS for winning a contest
200 POINTS for becoming member of the month
current ones:
♥ be the first to: post a themed entry, do the scavenger hunt
♥ MEMBER OF THE MONTH: the member with the most points

Post a pic, or pics of you wearing a shirt with a food or show logo (Strawberry Shortcake, The Muppets, Hersheys ect...)
find a picture of:
</b>-a "drunk" animal
- an European pop singer (provide name)
- A pink leafed tree
- A group of people playing twister
- A wooden roller coaster
- Orlando Bloom
- Someone named Jenn
- The map of an African Country
- A swollen thumb
- A box of cereal
(+10 points if some of these were taken by you, don't lie)
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Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com